READ Island of the Stone Boy




Bret Carver has been through a lot lately. First, his big sister died. Then his parents began fighting non-stop. His life couldn’t get any worse. At least, that’s what he thought before his mother won a weekend get-away to a private island resort.

But McGraw Island isn’t Bret’s idea of a dream destination. The hotel owners are freaks. Their niece is a snob. And the island’s rightful heir, a boy who drowned in 1968, haunts the place, searching for the mother who abandoned him there to die. When a hidden portrait reveals that Bret’s mother is a dead ringer for the ghost’s mother, Bret realizes all the “accidents” haven’t been accidental. The ghost has mistaken Bret’s mom for his own—and he’ll kill to be reunited.

                                                     Is death the only way off McGraw Island?


Reading Level — Recommended for Grades 4 through 7

Published by Leicester Bay Books

Available in paperback and Kindle.



Island of the Stone Boy: The greatest mystery/horror book I have EVER read!! by Maryn, age 13 (Detroit, MI):

I could not stop reading it!! I absolutely loved all the twists and turns and slight creepiness of it. The main character had great voice and he seemed real. I suggest this book to grades 5-8. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!! I hope anyone who reads it enjoys it!! 


Awesome book by an awesome author, by Emma Dunster, Age 11:

“Island of the Stone Boy” is a very intense story, I would think. Even kind of scary, and I have to say, this author did a pretty good job, considering how hard it is to give me the creeps. I would recommend this book to all young adults, especially around Halloween. This book definitely deserves a five star rating, and I’m sure many people would agree.


Scary in a good way! by Jonas H.:

I read a lot of books and I thought this one did a great job keeping my interest. It was scary in a good way! The plot twist at the end was really cool.


My son’s FAVORITE new book, by Nickole Grato (Mom)

Got this book as a gift for my son who loves to read. He starts a lot of books, but does not always finish them. He says he needs something that is going to keep his attention throughout. He started reading this book and couldn’t put it down. He said one of his favorite things about this book was that it used some words he had never heard before. He loved learning new words and loved where the story line took him. It kept his attention. According to my son it’s a 5 star book that he plans to read again in the near future!!


Awesome! by Christie Jaquess

 I loved reading this book. Fun! The way she describes things I could really imagine me on the island too!


A great read, by Roxann Malarsie

I found this book wonderful. The storyline was compelling and I wanted to keep reading at the end of each chapter. When I find myself wanting to know what is going to happen next, then I know I have found a good book. I recommend it. 


Bret leaves no “stone” unturned in L.T. Downing’s “Island of the Stone Boy” by Kathryn Thomas

“Island of the Stone Boy” is a page-turner with twists and turns. Good plotting and believable characters. Highly recommend it, as it met all my expectations, plus L.T. threw in some curve balls–keeps the reader guessing. Always a good sign. Kathryn Thomas


Pleasantly Surprised, by John Lundell

I had never read this author before, but the premise sounded interesting. Right from the beginning the book caught my attention. The pace was fast enough to be compelling without trying too hard to keep you on the edge if your seat. The writing style was clean: it flowed well; conversations felt natural … I look forward to more titles from LT Downing!



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