Look Upon Him: A Christmas Devotional

baby-jesus-mary-joseph-by-dewey-623x400The winters in Judea are cold and dark, and on the cusp of the millennium of Christ some 2,000 years ago, the people of the City of David, called Bethlehem, spent most of their time indoors, protected by their warm fires. The livelihood of many of these Judean families was entangled in the wool of sheep, a commodity entirely adverse to the rigors of such a cold winter. Like their masters, the sheep of ancient Bethlehem spent the frigid winter days and nights sheltered, holed up in barricaded caves, called sheepfolds, which the shepherds cut into the limestone slopes surrounding the city. Here the sheep were fed grains and dried grasses until the spring sun warmly invited new blades of grass to rise from the rich soil. Continue reading “Look Upon Him: A Christmas Devotional”


What My Pants and I Are Really Saying

My “accessory” on the second annual Wear Pants to Church Day

I find it funny that Mormon women have to organize a special day to wear pants to church. For so many reasons. But there it is. Just like a beard worn in the 1960’s or double-pierced ears in the 1990’s, the wearing of pants by women–at least in a formal church setting–signaled rebellion. To some Mormons, that is–the kind who may be a little too comfortable in their uncomfortable white shirt/tie combo or control top pantyhose. Regardless, LDS women, as a group, never followed the wider culture by adapting what they wear to church to reflect the fashion shift from skirts to pants. Continue reading “What My Pants and I Are Really Saying”