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PilferedPapersFRONTCOVER (1)Friendship is important to everyone. Joseph Smith didn’t have a lot of friends. What he had was a Sacred Record etched into gold plates and the divine charge to translate them. But how? Who would help him? Enter Martin Harris, a wealthy businessman who believed in Joseph’s mission. He offered the young prophet financial backing and friendship. Soon he began helping Joseph with the translation. But Martin’s wife was determined to destroy their friendship and stop the translation, whatever the cost. In a desperate attempt to save his marriage, Martin devised a plan to convince her that Joseph Smith was a true prophet: he’d show her the first 116 pages of the translation. But would Joseph Smith agree to let him take the only copy of the manuscript?

Read The Pilfered Papers to find out what happens when trust and betrayal collide. (YA 6th through 12th grade)

“In The Pilfered Papers, L.T. Downing presents an oft-told, though little understood, episode in early Mormon history in an exciting and informative narrative. Though a fictionalized account of the Book of Mormon’s translation and the loss of 116 manuscript pages, Downing stays true to the historical record. Perhaps most impressively, she incorporates the latest research on the subject into her narrative.” Christopher Jones, Historian.


In the Adventures of the Restoration series, award-winning author L.T. Downing brings early church history to life in the way young readers crave—with exciting, fast-paced stories about the real people and events of the Restoration era. Readers will have a front-row seat as Joseph Smith fights off attackers who would steal the gold plates, as Martin Harris loses the 116 pages of the translated manuscript, and as the young Prophet, his family, and friends face the persecutors, politicians and traitors that ultimately drove the Latter-day Saints from state after state in their quest for the freedom to worship. Parents are sure to find the Adventures of the Restoration series both fun and an valuable tool for the education and inspiration of their children. (Historical Fiction)

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