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PAY-BearsPressure is mounting on conservative NeverTrump voters like me to pledge our allegiance to the business mogul. I can’t speak for every person in the NeverTrump camp, but this life-long conservative is sure going to speak for herself so that those who don’t understand my NeverTrump position can comprehend why all the nonsensical arguments being thrown about won’t convince me to “unite for the sake of the party.”

First, I’m not going to attack the man’s character except to say I consider Donald Trump to be one, but not to have one. Second, I’m not going to play defense; I needn’t prove to anyone that my rejection of Donald Trump as a fitting U.S. president is based on his policy ideas. Anyone paying half a moment’s attention sees he doesn’t understand his own policy.

Let me introduce myself. I’m 54, 30 years married, and a mother and grandmother. I’m both LDS and a fiscal conservative. I do my darnedest to vote in every election, national, state, and local. I consider voting a moral obligation.

But not this time, not for president—not if my choice is between Trump or HRC. My moral obligation, then, is to vote for neither.

Imagine this. You’re at a restaurant. The server tells you your choice is between rancid beef and rancid pork. Which would you pick?

Neither. You’d head for the door. There the manager blocks your path, saying, “Sure, rancid beef is bad, but … rancid pork!”

You still wouldn’t order. You’d bolt. Even if it meant a fight.

That scenario is insane. I’m not insane. What I am is screwed. And the people screwing me are voters who somehow envision that a man who’s been buying both sides of Washington D.C. for decades is the guy to end its culture of corruption.

I get it. Trump voters don’t like the way the Republican leadership has gone mushy. They don’t like that the U.S. is on the brink of economic catastrophe. They want change.  So do the rest of us. That’s why approximately 60% of Republicans have, so far, voted for tea-party and outsider candidates not named Trump.

But change cannot come if those who’ve opposed Trump now go belly-up like a submissive puppy. If Trump winds up the nominee, we have a choice to either roll over when GOP powerbrokers call for party unity, or we can stand on our conservative principles by saying no. Never. We will not relinquish the presidency to Trump. If we roll over just because Trump gets R-branded, we’ll lose any legitimacy associated with our calls for reform. We’ll become the hypocrisy we decry.

Sometimes compromise must happen. But compromising integrity of purpose will weaken our power as voters and annihilate our credibility. Compromise here strengthens the corrupt establishment. A compromise vote for Trump for the sake of the R-party is worse than ordering rancid meat. Its signing up to feed it to your family—your nation—for four years. If we poison ourselves, we lose the right to complain about being sick.

Look, Trump voters gotta trump, I suppose. But the rest of us who object to the corruption in the Republican party should not resign our integrity to keep alive the beast we wish to starve. The only way to continue that message after (and if—a BIG IF) Trump is nominated is to remain in the NeverTrump camp. If the 60% of us who voted against Trump in the primaries then cast a ballot for him in the general, the Republican establishment will write us off as a silly little blip on the historical radar screen of conservative politics.

We’re headed to a contested convention. Contrary to the illogic spewed by Trump and his pocketed talking heads, he hasn’t received the majority of Republican votes. He’s been trounced. Those of us who hope for a course correction at the convention are being branded “establishment.” False. Don’t be manipulated. NeverTrump in the primaries. NeverTrump at the Convention. NeverTrump in the general. Never. Trump.

If Trump is the nominee, I will vote—but never for him. Conservatives need to ensure our place in the House and Senate. For president, I’ll vote libertarian because I want the R-establishment to know I was here.

And to my fellow Republicans who say a NeverTrump vote elects Hillary: That, my friends, is not my fault. The fault lies with those who put him on the general ballot. Truth.

Take note, GOP, from the top down. NeverTrump will stand squarely on principle. You remember what that is, right?

How long will ye suffer yourselves to be led by foolish and blind guides? Helaman 13:29


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